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Handwoven tapestry inspired by 'Wind of Change' in size and style but priced at a considerably reduced price.


 The reason I am offering this temporary deal it's because I am on a mission to collect enough funds to invest on a teaching project I am putting together for 2025 and YES! I will be offering classes in person.


Wind of Change' is one of  the three pieces I kept for myself from hundreds of artworks I have created in the past 6 years from my journey as an fiber artist. I absolutely love living with it on my walls. I am now willing to recreate this work (it won't be identical but inspired by it as all my pieces are original and unique) in order to use the proceeds to invest on the teaching project I am putting together for 2025.


If you are interested and have more questions about how made to order works, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at



Made to Order Inspired by 'Wind of Change'

  • MADE TO ORDER. Handwoven tapestry inspired by 'Wind of Change' in size and style.Give the gift of a personalized woven tapestry for the one you love or for yourself.Custom weaving will be designed by the artist inspired 'Wind of Change' but still an original artwork never a replica. You get to choose the color palette! This is for a 48" x 48" or smaller. Purchase here then email me so we can talk colors!Best,TLarge Textile Wall Hanging  made from hand-woven plush yarns and chunky wool of various thickness.

    Hemp, chunky merino wool, paper, handspun yarn


    Approximate 48" W x 48" H

  • Please allow 3-5 business days for us to process your order.


    * Shipping costs displayed on the site are for domestic shipping only. If you live outside US and are interested in my work, please drop me an email so we can discuss shipping options.

    Thank you!

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