Weaving intuitively is the core of Tininha's creations. After 13 years working in the swimwear design industry, Tininha discovered a hands-on response to her love for textiles through weaving. 

Living in Beautiful Port Townsend, WA, surrounded and inspired by the sea and other artistic minds, she feels as if the hidden passion for fibers has always been there, awaiting to emerge. 


With a degree in law school, she ultimately followed a more creative path into the world of art and design. In 2018, after thirteen years running a successful swimwear design company based in Seattle, Tininha moved to Port Townsend with her husband and two sons. In the first month of creating a new life, she took up fiber arts and taught herself to weave largescale tapestries. This began as a means to regulate anxiety and quickly became a passion. In the process of developing her creative aesthetic she found the process of weaving to be cathartic and strengthened her sense of intuition, while also connecting her more intimately to the natural landscape of the Salish sea coastline. In the past four years Tininha has dedicated herself full time to the exploration of fiber arts, with forays into rust-dying cloth strips, incorporating seaweed and driftwood alongside brass, copper and raffia to create textural dreamscapes from her imagination.
In support of other artisans, Tininha often sources fibers and yarns from local fiber artists and
adds materials from nature to create work that is truly from, and in tribute to, Peninsula life.

Her work evokes undersea lifeforms: bright anemones, clustered barnacles, coral reefs flamboyant with textural variety and nuance. She spins raw fibers with a handheld drop-spindle, adding in strands of seaweed and bits of nature’s detritus found on seashore walks. Tininha describes her ever-evolving creative process as one that moves her closer to nature while finding inspiration in some of the smallest details of the environment. Tininha’s work invites the viewer into a tactile exploration of the senses in ways that surprise, captivate and draw curiosity. She has exhibited her weavings in a couple local galleries and a few selected retail spaces both locally and in Seattle. Her work has been commissioned and sold throughout the United States and internationally in Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and Brazil.

- By Ariela Marshall